KUKA KR5R1400 Welding robots Arc Welding Robot Payload 5kg Scope of work 1400mm

KUKA KR5R1400  Welding  robots  Arc Welding Robot Payload 5kg Scope of work 1400mm
KUKA KR5R1400  Welding  robots  Arc Welding Robot Payload 5kg Scope of work 1400mm
KUKA KR5R1400  Welding  robots  Arc Welding Robot Payload 5kg Scope of work 1400mm
KUKA KR5R1400 Welding robots Arc Welding Robot Payload 5kg Scope of work 1400mm

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  • Brand: KUKA
  • Model: KUKA KR5R1400
Payload (kg)5
Reach (mm)1400
Year of Prod.2014
New / Used ?USED

KUKA KR5R1400  Welding  robots  Arc Welding Robot Payload 5kg Scope of work 1400mm

Brand NameKR5 R1400——Low Load Arc Welding Robot
place of productionGermany
body quality127KG
installation methodFLOOR

Product Description:

KUKA KR5R1400 robot is a robot launched by KUKA for thin plate welding. Its 5 kg load capacity is especially suitable for standard arc welding work. Whether mounted on the floor or suspended from the ceiling, it gets the job done quickly and efficiently, with the same 1400mm working range. Furthermore, its modular design makes it an economical solution.

KUKA KR5 R1400 industrial robot is KUKA's smallest arc welding robot, which can also be used for gluing, polishing and grinding applications. Biaogong provides KUKA KR5 R1400 industrial robot arc welding, gluing, polishing, grinding and other integrated application systems according to the production needs of customers!

The body of the robot KR5 R1400 adopts aluminum alloy casting structure, and through computer-aided design and finite element structural analysis, an overall excellent solid and rigid structure is obtained, so as to obtain the best fixed load capacity.

All axes are driven by maintenance-free AC servo motors, using backlash-free transmission components and absolute encoders. All robot axes are equipped with brakes and temperature monitoring safety devices.

Optimized driving capability, high-precision position monitoring system, and high-power servo system ensure that the KR5 R1400 robot has high dynamic characteristics and good precision.

The second axis adopts the front design, which maximizes the effective working range of the robot while ensuring the flexibility of the robot, and can also be installed upside down. Users can also install a certain amount of their own process equipment on the robot arm.

Rigid and sealed drive unit, sealed pipeline and transmission components are used to ensure high practicability and reliability. Even in harsh environments, the robot can be guaranteed to work normally, with a service life of up to 15 years and an average time between accidents of up to 70,000 hours.


1.Who are we?

Pengju Robot Co., Ltd.intelligent equipment company specializing in imported robot trade, automation project integration, mechanical equipment leasing, sales and repair of robots and robot accessories, robot maintenance, and robot technology training.
Our goal is to enable customers to truly use robots well


2.What brand of robot can you buy from us?

We have Kuka robots, Yaskawa robots, Fanuc robots, ABB robots, and Nazhi robots


3.what can you buy from us?

Robot/Robot Positioner/Robot Track/Robot Gripper/Robot Control System


4.why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

(1): We are engaged in the sale of ABB, KUKA, FANUC, YASKAWA four brands for more than ten years

(2):Majority of our engineer from KUKA, ABB. The engineering manager worked in ABB company formany years.

(3): We can offer majority of industrial controlled component.


5.Do you recycle robots?

Recycling, if you have a robot that needs to be recycled, please contact us.


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