Kuka LBR iisy 11 R1300 Cobot

Kuka LBR iisy 11 R1300 Cobot
Kuka LBR iisy 11 R1300 Cobot

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  • Brand: KUKA
  • Model: LBR iisy 11 R1300
Payload (kg)11
Reach (mm)1300
Year of Prod.2022
New / Used ?NEW

The LBR iisy cobot can be deployed with ease in almost all production areas.

Immediately ready for productive use

The cobot can be ready for any production task in just a few minutes. Its intuitive operability and integrated manual guidance make commissioning effortless and programming simple.

Simple tool change

Tool changes can be carried out on the LBR iisy in no time at all. All customary tools are docked onto the ISO flange, and the cable routing for the power supply is already integrated. 

Attractive design

Slim, lightweight and easy to handle – the LBR iisy, with its clear-cut design, invites you to touch it. There are no sharp edges, which makes programming by hand particularly agreeable. It can even be used in the tightest of spaces thanks to its minimal footprint.

Low weight

The cobot’s easy handling plays a crucial role in making it rewarding to use. Due to its low weight, the LBR iisy can also be quickly moved to a different position. 

Proven industrial suitability

The LBR iisy cobot not only has a field-proven and industrial-grade drive train, but also supports all the essential industry-standard features such as field bus protocols, digital I/Os, safety and more. It can therefore be integrated into any existing system with ease.

Cost-effective automation

The cost-effective equipment of the robot and the fact that it can be quickly integrated into production lines make the LBR iisy industrial robot an attractive proposition for small and medium-sized companies as well.

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