myCobot 280-RaspberryPi

myCobot 280-RaspberryPi
myCobot 280-RaspberryPi
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Payload (kg)0.25
Reach (mm)280
Year of Prod.2022
New / Used ?NEW

myCobot-Pi six-axis collaborative robot is a multi-functional and lightweight intelligent robotic arm designed & developed by Elephant Robotics. It belongs to the "myCobot series" products and adopts a Raspberry Pi microprocessor. It is one of Elephant Robotics’ core robots for the robot and artificial intelligence education ecology, It is used for artificial intelligence education and robotics research, as well as the electric ecology of small entrepreneurs.

The net weight of myCobot-Pi is 850g, the payload is 250g, and the working range is 280mm. This is a compact but powerful collaborative robot. It has rich software and hardware interaction methods and diversified compatible expansion interfaces. The open-source robotic arm supports multi-platform secondary development, effectively helping users realize multi-scenario application development.

myCobot V.S myCobot-Pi

myCobot 和 myCobot Pi 的图像

Robot ParametersWorking Range280mm280mm
Hardware ParametersSOCBroadcom BCM2711ESP32
CPU1.5GHz Quad-core240MHz Dual-core
USBUSB3.0 x2;USB2.0 x2Type-C x1
DisplayNo2 inch IPS screen
HDMI Portmicro HDMI x2No
Custom ButtonsNo3
IO Pins4020
Software Platform-Works IndependentlyConnect with PC
Programming EnvironmentDebian / UbuntuArduino
ROS / PythonBuilt-inExternal
Supported CamerasAny cameraM5-StickV


Unlimited potential with Raspberry Pi ecosystem

myCobot Pi 的底座图片


image of myCobot pi, contrlled by Blocky programming

Built-in ROS & Blockly programming

  • Built-in ROS simulation manipulator operating state, super scalability
  • blockly visual programming, while supporting general Python software interface


Image recognition with multiple end-effectors

  • Comes with an image recognition algorithm, can work with a variety of cameras
  • Independently match different accessories such as display, gripper suction pump, etc., realizing more application scenarios.

Image of base of myCobot Pi


image of myCobot pi, contrlled by Blocky programming

Unique industrial design, extremely compact

  • Integrated design, the structure of the robot arm is compact, and the net weight is only 850g, super convenient to carry
  • Modular design, few spare parts, low maintenance cost, quick disassembly, and replacement, realizing plug and play


High configuration, with Lego interface

  • Contains 6 high-performance servo motors, fast response, small inertia, smooth rotation
  • The base and the end of the cobot are equipped with Lego component interfaces, easier for the development of various micro-embedded equipment

Image of base of myCobot Pi



Track Recording & Learn by hand

Get rid of the traditional point saving mode, myCobot supports drag trial teaching to record the saved track and can save up to 60mins different Tracks making it easy and fun for beginners to learn robotic arms.


How to control myCobot Pi?

  • Learn by Hand: Get rid of the traditional point saving mode, myCobot supports drag trial teaching to record the saved track and saves up to 60mins different tracks making it easy and fun for new players to learn.
  • You can use the digital pins on the robot to make it communicate with other devices.
  • With Myblockly, our free desktop application uses blocks to create your own robotic programs. Based on Blockly (similar to Scratch), our visual programming interface allows you to quickly and easily create robotic programs without any prior programming knowledge. You can also use RoboFlow, our software for industrial robots.
  • Advanced Users: develop your own controller (use a computer mouse, a keyboard, a game controller or Leap Motion to control myCobot according to your preferences and needs), use our API (PythonC++C#Javascript) to control myCobot directly or remotely or dive directly into the ROS code, which is open-source.



Working range280mm
Power Input8V,5A
Working Condition-5-45℃
myCobot-M5STACK Atom 
ESP32240MHz dual-core, 600 DMIPS, 520KB SRAM, Wi-Fi, dual-mode Bluetooth
Power Input5V @ 500mA
PortTypeC x 1, GROVE(I2C+I/0+UART) x 1
PIN InterfaceG19, G21,G22,G23,G25, G33
RGB LEDWS2812C 2020 x 25
IRInfrared transmission
KeyCustom key x 1
Antenna2.4G 3D Antenna
Working Condition-5-45℃

Working Range

image of myCobot with working range data




myCobot is compact but powerful, can not only be matched with a variety of end effectors to adapt to different kinds of application scenarios also support the secondary development of multi-platform software to meet the needs of various scenarios such as scientific research and education, smart home, light industry, and commercial applications.


Kitchen assistant

myCobot can take the bread out of the microwave and put it on the plate

使用 myCobot 的工程师

The perfect helper for the studio

myCobot can work as a “third hand” to deliver tools

myCobot fetch balls

Teaching assistant

Simulating industrial robot sorting and handling

Engineer working with myCobot

Combined with M5StickT, an infrared thermal imager, myCobot can sense human body temperature

Partner Institutions

Logos of Partener Institutions


[Recommended reading]

gitbook link


gitbook link

User Manual

gitbook link


myStudio screenshoot

myStudio is a one-stop platform for robot arms of myRobot/myCobot. The main functions of myStudio are:

  1. Update the firmware;
  2. Provide video tutorials on how to use the robot;
  3. Provide maintenance and repair information (such as video tutorials, Q&A, etc.).

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Package of myCobot

The products shall be delivered by International Express within 1-2weeks. 

Please make sure to enter your shipping information in English to avoid possible existence in international logistics. 

Email: [email protected]


  • Return service is limited to goods not opened within 7 days after the receipt date of logistics of the products. The freight or other risks incurred in return shall be borne by the customer.
  • Customers should provide the purchasing invoice and warranty card as the warranty certification when a warranty is being asked.
  • Elephant Robotics will be responsible for the hardware faults of products caused by normal use during the warranty period.
  • The warranty period starts from the date of purchase or the receipt date of the logistics.
  • The faulty parts from the products will be owned by Elephant Robotics, and the appropriate cost will be charged if necessary.

If you need to apply for warranty service, please contact our customer service first to confirm the detailed information.

During the warranty period of the delivered product, the company only repairs the malfunctions that occur during the normal use of the robot for free. However, in the following cases, the customer will be charged for repairs (even during the warranty period):

  • Damage or malfunction caused by incorrect use and improper use different from the contents of the manual.
  • Failure caused by unauthorized disassembly by the customer.
  • Damage caused by improper adjustment or unauthorized repairs.
  • Damage is caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

Warranty Terms of Detailed Components

  • Sever motor
Warranty PeriodWarranty Services
≤1 monthElephant Robotics offers a free new sever motor and bear the freight.
1-3 monthsElephant Robotics offers a free new sever motor, customs shall bear the freight.
≥3 monthCustomers need to buy it themselves.
  • Electrical Parts(M5Hardware
Warranty PeriodWarranty Services
≤3 monthsCustomers need to send it back after disassembly, Elephant Robotics shall send a new one for free and bear the freight out and home.
3-6 monthsCustomers need to send it back after disassembly and bear the freight out and home, Elephant Robotics shall send a new one for free.
≥6 monthsCustomers need to buy it themselves.
  • Structure Parts,including shell parts
Warranty PeriodWarranty Services
≤12 monthsElephant Robotics offers free new components, customs shall bear the freight.
≥12 monthsCustomers need to buy it themselves.
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