Elephant Robotics

Brand: ELEPHANT Model: Robotic arm
HEY,MECHARM!Have you ever imagined you could have a little robot that does everything? Not those giant ones in the sci-fi movies but a compact yet versatile robot. I have! And we actually made it into reality. Introducing mechArm -The most compact 6-Axis robot arm ideal for markers, designers &a..
Brand: ELEPHANT Model: AGV
Compound RobotIt can be equipped with my series of robotic arms to realize mobile grabbing, expand the workspace, and enable it to complete more tasks. Omnidirectional movementCompetition-level Mecanum wheels, Fully Wrapped Metal Frame, Removable Split Structure.SLAM..
Brand: ELEPHANT Model: Robotic arm
myCobot-Pi six-axis collaborative robot is a multi-functional and lightweight intelligent robotic arm designed & developed by Elephant Robotics. It belongs to the "myCobot series" products and adopts a Raspberry Pi microprocessor. It is one of Elephant Robotics’ core robots for the robot and art..
Brand: ELEPHANT Model: Robotic arm
USER-ORIENTED 6-AXIS COBOTOpen ROS simulation development environment, built-in kinematics forward and inverse solution algorithm The whole series has been sold to 60+ countries around the world with more than 5,000 units shipped Start your intelligent manufacturing robot learning journey any..
Brand: ELEPHANT Model: UltraArm P340
2.5W/5.5W can be used for engravingCombustible materials: wood, paper, plastic, leather, bamboo, bone, ivory, horn, rubber, acrylic, shells, gourds, and other materials that can be burned by fire.Metal materials: metal materials painted with ordinary spray paint or paint.A 2.5W laser can..
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