Brand: OTHER Model: Verve FMS
 Verve Fleet Management for Mobile RobotsCustom fleet management AGV fleet management AMR fleet management Robot fleet management   ..
Brand: OTHER Model: PF6D004604
The Virtuose 6D RV HF is a 6 active degrees of freedom haptic device, specifically designed to interact in Virtual Reality environments.Thanks to its large workspace and high forces, it enables a scale one interaction with digital mockup from the CAD.TECHNICAL:Translati..
Brand: OTHER Model: Trp
 Different sizes available 100mm 1000N  Volt range 0,1-4,9 5v sensor supply, 12v motor supply ..
Brand: OTHER Model: Trp
 1 to 4 valves Proportional hydraulic remote control kit Will fit all manual hydraulic valves For1 valve set 600 eur For 4 valves set 900 eur Shipping from Europe  ..
Brand: OTHER Model: TRP
Complete rubber track drive with 12v 250w motor. Huge pulling power. Different sizes possible. Lenght: 950mm Width: 150mm Height: 350mm Weight : left + right : 50kg Max Speed: 3.2 km/h Payload: max 80kg Motor : 12V 300W with reductor Transmition to track wheel: chain  ..
Brand: OTHER Model: GEN-SFP
 With panels of different sizes from 100mm to 1500mm wide, you can cover required area without cutting-welding and similar operations. Fence Panels manufactured by embedding the wire mesh into the profile frame by spot welding method. In this way, the risk of work accidents (limb,..
Brand: OTHER Model: Model A
Product name: workshop fence Function: Protect the machine Color: yellow, black, gray and customized Material: Mild steel Dimensions: Height: 1800mm, Width: 200mm, 300mm, 500mm, 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm Certificate: EU CE, International Organization for Standardization  ..
Brand: OTHER Model: Trp
 Size  6x4 cm Heigh 9cm Volt range: 1,5-3,5v, middle position 2,5 v 5v power supply ..
Brand: OTHER Model: Trp
Tracked lawnmower drone robot Remote control long range 200ccm engine 6 hp   ..
Brand: OTHER Model: 2501
TTS Loti-Bot Programmable Rechargeable Robot - STEAM Educational Block-Based Coding Toy for Ages 7 Years and Up - IT10415Loti-Bot is the newest member of the TTS bot family, featuring programmable movement, highly accurate drawing capabilities, and various inputs and outputs.Loti-Bot is the ..
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