Brand: ROBOTIQ Model: Robotiq 2-Finger
Cobot gripper Robotiq 2-Finger 140 mm Gripper Kit for UR CobotsUR3, UR5, UR10 CB2, CB3.0, CB3.1 e-seriesRobotiq 2-Finger Gripper is compatible with CB2+ hardware and software versions. Gripper Toolbar and UR+ Software package for easy gripper configuration is compatible with CB3+ hardw..
Model: PureWater
Robotic water jet cutting head Projecting water at a very high speed: 600 to 900 metres / second 2 to 3 times the speed of sound. The water, via an Ultra High Pressure pump, from 2,000 to 4,000 bars Directed to an accumulator and propelled through a nozzle with a diameter of 0.10 to 0.40 mm...
Brand: AGS Model: ANS
ANS nippers are used when components have to be separated. These are also called sprue cutting nippers because they are often used for sprue cutting. There are different sizes and cutting inserts with different cutting angles. The sprue can also be held at the same time as trimming.More Infos un..
Brand: DH-ROBOTICS Model: PGS-5-5
 Small size: Compact in size, with a body length and width of 20×26 mm, it can be deployed in a relatively small environment. High Frequency: The opening/closing time is only 0.03s / 0.03s, and multiple opening and closing actions can be completed in only one second, which can meet the..
Brand: DH-ROBOTICS Model: RGIC-35-12
Gripping & Infinite RotationThe unique structural design in the industry can realize the simultaneous griping and infinite rotation on one electric gripper, and solve the winding problem in non-standard design and rotation.Compact Double Servo SystemDual servo systems are..
Model: BG2
We are the exclusive distributor of SetupRobotics in Europe (apart of France)2 models of the gripper base: DUAL BASE and SINGLE BASE can be configured according to your needs using special tools:suction cup jaw gripper, 2-, 3-, 4-finger magnetic gripper dispensers screwdriver with..
Model: EcoBell3
EcoBell3EcoBell3 rotary atomizers with electrostatic direct or external charge technology can be used for all paint materials (1K, 2K). Using tried and tested bell disk/shaping air ring technology, highest quality levels in terms of coat thickness, equal color application and paint flow values a..
Model: EPG-M06-015
Small size and high cost performance Clamp Feedback Drop Detection Thousand times maintenance-free No air supply required  ..
Model: RGI-35-30
CHENGZHOU RGI-35-30 electric rotary gripper DH-Robotics DescriptionWith Gripping & Infinite Rotation function Compacted design with Double Servo System and no external controller High Repeat Accuracy The repeatability accuracy of rotation reaches ±0.02 degree, and the rep..
Model: RGI-35-14
CHENGZHOU RGI-35-14 Electric Rotary Gripper DH-Robotics DescriptionGripping and infinite rotating function Compact design with double Servo System High Repeat Accuracy:The repeatability accuracy of rotation reaches ±0.02 degree, and the repeatability accuracy of position reac..
Model: EVS08
CZ-JD-EVS08Product Highlights:• CONFIGURABLE SUCTION CUPS Suction cups can be easily changed, fitting to your application needs. • PAYLOAD 8KG Can lift up objects up to 8kg. • INDEPENDENT AIR CHANNELS FOR DUAL GRIPPING Control the right and left sides of the vacuum gripper independently of..
Model: MRWD
Our spot welding tip dresser:High trimming torque (rated output torque: 46N*m) and high revolving speed (trimming period: 1s). High-tenacity blade and high wear-resistance blade are optional. Adjustable installation height of tip dresser main engine; it can be switched to either horizonta..
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