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  • Brand: YASKAWA
  • Model: MOTOMAN-MA1400
Payload (kg)3
Reach (mm)1434
Year of Prod.2011
New / Used ?USED

Yaskawa MOTOMAN MA1400 is the world leader in arc welding robotics with industry firsts such as patented multiple robot control and “Master Arc” MA-series robots. Integrated through-the-arm cabling improves weld accuracy, improves torch access, and reduces production downtime. Yaskawaka MOTOMAN MA1400 backs the performance of the MA-series robots with the industry’s first two-year torch cable warranty.

Master Arc Welding RobotFast, Streamlined and Powerful,Slim, fast six-axis Yaskawa MOTOMAN MA1400 Master Arcwelding robot increases productivity and achieves highest welding performance. Yaskawa MOTOMAN MA1400Reduces welding cycle time via cutting edge Sigma-5 AC servo motor controltechnology and new ARM (AdvancedRobot Motion) control.

Yaskawaka MOTOMAN MA1400offers 3 kg (6.6-lb) payload; 1,434 mm (56.5″)reach; 0.08 mm (0.003″) repeatedly. Yaskawa MOTOMAN MA1400 isproven integrated through-the-arm torchcabling eliminates cable interference, whichsimplifies programming and reduces cable wear. Yaskawa MOTOMAN MA1400Power cables and welding utilities (gas and air hoses) can be routed through robot base. The A1400Hollow upper arm maintains optimum bend radius of welding torch cable, maximizing weld performance. T-axis can rotate torch200 degrees without cable interference.Regardless of torch orientation or part size or shape, the Yaskawa MOTOMAN MA1400 prevents bent, pinchedor stretched cables, minimizing wirefeed problems and optimizing weldperformance. The Yaskawa MOTOMAN MA1400 Floor-mounted model is standard. Ceiling- orwall-mounted are also available.



1.Who are we?

Pengju Robot Co., Ltd.intelligent equipment company specializing in imported robot trade, automation project integration, mechanical equipment leasing, sales and repair of robots and robot accessories, robot maintenance, and robot technology training.
Our goal is to enable customers to truly use robots well

2.What brand of robot can you buy from us?

We have Kuka robots, Yaskawa robots, Fanuc robots, ABB robots, and Nazhi robots

3.what can you buy from us?

Robot/Robot Positioner/Robot Track/Robot Gripper/Robot Control System

4.why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

1: We are engaged in the sale of ABB, KUKA, FANUC, YASKAWA four brands for more than ten years

2:Majority of our engineer from KUKA, ABB. The engineering manager worked in ABB company formany years.

3: We can offer majority of industrial controlled component.

5.Do you recycle robots?

Recycling, if you have a robot that needs to be recycled, please contact us

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