Yaskawa UP6 Welding Robot

Yaskawa UP6 Welding Robot
Yaskawa UP6 Welding Robot

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Payload (kg)6
Reach (mm)1373
Year of Prod.2011
New / Used ?USED

Second Hand 6 Axis Yaskawa Robot UP6 Working Range 1373mm Payload 6kg


Yaskawa YASKAWA-UP6 is a small industrial robot with a load of 6kg. It was produced and launched by Japan Yaskawa Shougang Robot Company in 2001-2003. It is mainly used in arc welding, packaging and other fields. Yaskawa UP6 has the following characteristics.

1. Takt time shortened

Yaskawa UP6's new compact wrist is equipped with a powerful motor, which can move quickly and reliably without getting in the way of the swinging cable, and maintain the speed at all times.

2. Excellent welding quality

Arc welding applications have increasing requirements for high quality and consistent quality, which requires improved wire feeding control near the arc to ensure high-volume production. As an arc welding robot, Yaskawa UP6 has a stronger and stronger upper arm with a load of 6kg, which can handle heavier welding torches. The repeating path accuracy can reach 0.06mm, presenting a satisfactory welding effect.

3. High reliability

Fast, agile and reliable loading and unloading
The Yaskawa UP6 robot can move with large acceleration and speed without damaging other parts, so the compact hollow wrist can move quickly and reliably, while also eliminating the risk of collision in a confined space.